Pink Floral Design Reusable cotton Diaper
Cute Floral Design Reusable Cotton Diaper
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Cute Baby Elephant design (Reusable Diaper)

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BabyCenterIndia comes with the best quality and comfy diapers perfect for a baby’s tender skin. These Diapers are with Pocket within Built 8 Layers of Bamboo Cotton Absorbency Is Great for Heavy Wetting Babies.

This diaper comes with

  •  An outer shell that is waterproofed (breathable) with 2 soakers (pads).

  • One pad is attached, while one is detachable for extra absorbance.

  • It is made from GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton Two soakers and a waterproof outer Shell.

  • This Fits a baby from 5 to 17 kg (Approx.)

  • The diaper comes with an adjustable snap.

  • These cotton diapers are Reusable

  • Country of Origin:  Made In India



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There are Option of Detachable Soakers So You Can Have 2 Levels of Absorbency

 1. With Attaching the Soaker with A Snap Gives - 8 Layers of Organic Bamboo Cotton Absorbency. 

2. Placing Hemp Booster Soaker or Any Other Soaker in The Additional Back Pocket This Pack Contains One BabyCenter India cloth diaper with Attached Soaker, Attachable with A Snap. The Soft Micro Suede Lining Keeps Baby’s Bottom Dry Throughout.

Material: GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton soaker comes with an outer shell that is waterproof (breathable).

Size: The Diaper Has Snaps to Increase / Decrease Size to Fit On Any Baby.

Directions before use: The Diaper Contains Natural Fabrics and Hence Takes 5 Washes to Reach Optimum Absorbency.

Please Note: When You Receive the Diaper It Will Be Put On the Smaller Size and Sent., Do Make Sure to Open the Snaps and Then Adjust to The Right Size.


During the day time, you can keep just 1 pad (attached) and use it for about 3 hours. During nights you can use both the pads and the diaper should last you a good 7 hours or more! This diaper also comes with an additional back pocket to put in extra boosters IF needed. 

Washing instructions:

Step 1: Rinse the Dry Feel nappy under running water to remove the pee. Hang the rinsed diaper on the sides of a bucket so it gets air.

Step 2: (Machine washable)Wash them like regular clothes with mild detergent. 

Step 3: Use a detergent that is free of fragrances and additives such as fabric softeners, using disinfectant is not recommended

We will be happy to help you, with any queries regarding the product. 


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